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At Habitual we believe getting your brand across is very important which is why we offer bespoke lighting solutions that match your brand colours tieing the whole event together and really making your event one to remember.

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Jem Stone vs Manouche

“Bin’ Thinkin is the result of a boozy collaboration between jazzy beats-master Jem “Stone” Panufnik (behind the infamous Finger Lickin’ Records) and snazzy fret-master Simon “Manouche” Harris (the man with the guitar who truly can) and featuring the delicious Bev Lee Harling with rolling pin aloft.

Direct from a dingy speakeasy at wrong o’clock, it’s available as vocal and instrumental versions, stinking of cheap whiskey and expensive chicks. Or the other way round.


released 14 November 2012

Written and arranged by Simon Harris and Jem Panufnik. 

Produced by Jem Panufnik.

Simon Harris: vocals, guitar and trumpet

Jem Panufnik: keyboards, programming and silly noises

Bev Lee Harling: vocals

Mastering by Christian J

Artwork by Jem Panufnik © 2012

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Force Of Habit


Force of Habit are renowned for their indomitable style and fusion of multiple genres, mixing it up with a blend of House, Breaks and niche Bass styles

The trio have gained a reputation for mixing it up with the best, appearing behind the hallowed decks of London’s top clubs with regular appearances at The Hospital Club, super secretive Reclaim The Beach parties, and major UK festivals including Secret Garden Party & Beach Break Live.

Fresh from the studio and ready to unleash a barrage of original material 2013 is set to be an exciting year.