Cutmaster Swift

Cutmaster Swift

Encouraged by his father to explore music to the full Cutmaster Swift (CMS) began his close association with Hip Hop as a B-Boy (Break dancer), initially for fun while at school, he help form the Crash Crew & they entered & won local B-Boy competitions, but CMS never forgot his DJing passion as it was also his duty to provide music for this crew.

Although he didn’t have the appropriate DJ Tools he further developed his Dj skill’s also by using his Mother’s home HI FI, using just the cassette player’s pause button to extend his early collection of Break Beats! It wasn’t until ’84 that CMS took a much more dedicated role in his DJing, he help form the Imperial Mixers; Cuttin K, Robbie Wiz & the Imperial Mixer. “Imperial Mixer was the first bedroom DJ that I knew with a pair of 1200’s” who also became Westwood’s first official Mix DJ during LWR pirate radio show broadcasts, which gave the crew plenty of weight to support many early US act’s such as Kurtis Blow!

It was also the Imperial Mixers Who introduced at that time the unknown & very talented female dynamic duo “The Cookie Crew”! In 86′ CMS eventually got his own set of 1200’s & stepped into a solo career, although the Imperial Mixers never officially broke up CMS maintains the crews focal influence his talents were also further fueled by producing music which started with the introduction of The No Parkin Mcs; Mike C, Kiss & Storm. 87′ Westwood also invited CMS to join him on his Capital Rap Radio to perform weekly mixes which further help expose CMS out of the box DJing style & saw pioneering beat creating techniques like; The Copy Cat which also know as the chasing! One of CMS most infamously technquies was the re-introduction of Grandwizard Theordore’s “Needle Dropping” (a forgotton art at that time!) at the 1988 New Music Seminar battles in NY! All this ultimately gave CMS full recognition throughout the world as well as the UK’s underground Hip Hop scene!

During this period their was another Hip Hop DJ also making waves He also became CMS ultimate sparing partner he was “The mighty DJ Pogo”, their partnership has maintained to this day with the addition of the Infamous DJ Biznizz & in 96 Pogo entitled the crew as the En4cers! Although CMS was aware of the DMC World Mixing Championships it was Pogo who initially decided about seriously entering DMC’s ’88 UK championships since both DJs had gained by now full national acknowledgment DMC would be the official proof of DJ dominance! Initially CMS had no interest in entering this event since he considered his style to unorthodox plus at that time DMC’s world entrants mainly attracted club DJs from professional commercial backgrounds!

It didn’t take long for CMS view to change especially after Pogo’s first easy victory winning his first qualifying round, “I’ll never forget seeing Pogo after that heat, as he paraded around in the DMC/Technics regional champ Jacket he was awarded, from then I decided it was worth entering just for one of those! CMS change of mind enabled him to triumph in the UK event his first major victory but he was unsuccessful in placing in that World year which saw the US Champion Cash Money awarded the title. 89′ would be at last CMS triumphed year as not only did he became the first UK champion to regain a title defense he also finally took home the World title while wining the very first Gold Deck prize this victory enabled him to tour the World & when home CMS would also focus on his music productions for: No Parkin’, the Demon Boy’s, Storm-The All Season Entertainer & Upfront Rudies are just a few to mention!

Today CMS now works for DMC from consulting, producing a series of specialized Turntablist records entitled Battle Breaks, providing a very Successful Mixing course at DMC head quarters & Authoring their championships to DVD! CMS is still in touch with his roots of playing music in clubs “it appears I’ve gone full circle, there’s a new generation of fans out there & the popularity of this art form is constantly growing, its my duty to educate this new audience through my music collection & knowledge, I may have been doing this a long time but every appearance is like a first, Plus I’m a firm believer that youre only as good as your last gig”! .. .. ..MyGen.. ..Profile Generator.. .. ..

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